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  86AT/0 Nepal 
Direct QSL - 03/12/2014 - Posted by 26AT026
Direct Post card from Nagarkot in Nepal from Thorsten 504AT/0 aka 86AT/0.

  26DX/ES003 England 
Direct QSL - 29/11/2014 - Posted by 47DX109
26DX/ES003 Mersea island, EU-005, ES-003. Directly postcard received from 26DX047 and ...

  281AT/0 Ogasawara Islands 
Direct QSL - 28/11/2014 - Posted by 47DX109
281AT/0 sponsor QSL, received directly from Ogasawara island, Japan. Many thanks Steven ...

  250LR/0 Cook Islands 
Direct QSL - 26/11/2014 - Posted by 1SR231
MR:Giovanni from Rarotonga tnx for nice direct postcard

  286IR/0 Juan Fernandez Islands 
Direct QSL - 26/11/2014 - Posted by 47DX054
Direct QSL from 286IR/0 by 32IR001 Mr. Felipe

  32RC/SA061 Chile 
DX Proof - 03/11/2014 - Posted by 4AT242

  83/13SD013 Tanzania 
Direct QSL - 02/11/2014 - Posted by 1SR231
Thanks Martin for nice postcard from Zanzibar island

  14DA/SI France 
Direct QSL - 18/10/2014 - Posted by 47DX109
Direct Postcard received at Jesper 47DX109's QTH from Phil 14DA028, when he was on Serpents ...

  101LR0 Papua New Guinea 
Direct QSL - 15/10/2014 - Posted by 1SR231
tnx Giovanni for nice direct postcard

  257IR/AF017 Rodriguez Island 
Direct QSL - 14/10/2014 - Posted by 1AT174
Thank you Diego for direct postcard !

  257IR/AF017 Rodriguez Island 
Direct QSL - 13/10/2014 - Posted by 47DX054
257IR/AF017 direct postcard from Diego

  164AT340 Togo Republic 
Direct QSL - 11/10/2014 - Posted by 14AT675
Marc from Lome

  99SD/DX Fiji Islands 
Direct QSL - 11/10/2014 - Posted by 1AT174
Thank you for the direct Post-card

  250AT/0 Cook Islands 
Direct QSL - 01/10/2014 - Posted by 30IR046
Direct Qsl Card from Rarotonga,Isl. Many Thank,s Mr.Tim

  250AT/0 Cook Islands 
Direct QSL - 29/09/2014 - Posted by 26AT026
Direct QSL card received from Raratonga Island, south cook Islands

  152/30AT019 Maldive Islands 
Direct QSL - 07/09/2014 - Posted by 1AT174
Thank you David for the nice direct Postcard/QSL !!

  152/30AT019 Maldive Islands 
Direct QSL - 05/09/2014 - Posted by 1SR231


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