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  223/41PAS058 Western Samoa Islands 
Direct QSL - 13/03/2013 - Posted by 1SR231

  223/41PAS058 Western Samoa Islands 
Direct QSL - 13/03/2013 - Posted by 1AT074
Thanks Giovanni for the nice direct postcard

  10DA/NA-045 Mexico 
Direct QSL - 12/03/2013 - Posted by 2AT058
Direct Postcard from Uli from his IOTA activity from Holbox Island as 10DA/NA-045. Many ...

  347AT116 Curaçao 
Direct QSL - 08/03/2013 - Posted by 1SR231

  9AT/BC006 Canada 
Direct QSL - 02/03/2013 - Posted by 2AT058
9AT/BC006 Quadra Island by 13AT455 Thorsten

  234SD077 Afghanistan 
Direct QSL - 24/02/2013 - Posted by 1SR231

  92AT105 Libya 
Direct QSL - 22/02/2013 - Posted by 19SD265
Direct QSL from 92AT105 Marco from Lybia

  121AT/DX The Bahamas 
DX Proof - 12/02/2013 - Posted by 1AT070
by 1AT70. QTH: Grand Bahama Island, IOTA NA-080

  125IR/DX Cayman Islands 
Direct QSL - 07/02/2013 - Posted by 1AT074
Thanks to 13IR011 and 15IR076 for direct card from Grand Cayman island

  92AT105 Libya 
Direct QSL - 05/02/2013 - Posted by 4AT242
Libia cuyo nombre oficial es Estado de Libia, es un pais del norte de Africa, ubicado ...

  261SD/0 Chatham Islands 
DX Proof - 03/02/2013 - Posted by Dxproof
by 41SD133 Sean and 41SD101 Rene

  261SD/0 Chatham Islands 
Direct QSL - 24/01/2013 - Posted by 1AT074
by 41SD133 Sean and 41SD101 Rene

  261SD/0 Chatham Islands 
Direct QSL - 22/01/2013 - Posted by 1SD019
261SD/0 CHATAM ISLAND by 41SD101 Rene & 41SD133 Sean

  218/13SD141 Belize 
Direct QSL - 10/01/2013 - Posted by Dxproof
Direct postcard from Belize

  156AT011 Cameroon 
Direct QSL - 06/01/2013 - Posted by 2AT058
156AT011 Nicolas direct from Cameroon

  2AT/AZ019L United States of America 
Direct QSL - 03/01/2013 - Posted by 2AT058
Direct Postcard from Pittsburgh Point Island, Lake Havasu City, Arizona from 2AT018 Jeff ...

  41RB198 New Zealand 
Direct QSL - 27/12/2012 - Posted by 13PW829
Mr. Noel from Christchurch / New Zealand


Top 10 publishers   Top 10 Score
1SR231 Giuseppe
153SD777 Jan
19RD068 Ron
1AT074 Max
1AT746 Alex
4AT134 Gabriel
1AT070 Simon
4AT242 Martin
9FB007 Scott
Dxproof Team
  1AT156 Mauro
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  14AT119 Guy
  19AT256 Twan
  1RC114 Luca
  30DX401 Christian
  14AT263 Bruno
  14OD001 Guy
  14AP001 Nicolas
  3DX013 Bruno

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Most popular

  237AT-0 Union Of Myanmar
Direct QSL - 14/09/2000

  252AT0 Revillagigedo Islands
DX Proof - 06/03/2000

  238ATDX Cambodia
Direct QSL - 22/01/2001

  251/1AT217 Albania
Direct QSL - 02/08/2018

  251/1AT217 Albania
DX Proof - 01/08/2018

  352AT/0 Kosovo
Direct QSL - 26/05/2018

  352AT0 Kosovo
DX Proof - 26/05/2018

  337AT/0 Austral islands
Direct QSL - 23/09/2013

  124SR01 - 255ICC01 Amsterdam & St. Paul Isl
Direct QSL - 19/08/1989

  259WW0 Tromelin Island
Direct QSL - 07/08/2000

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