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1AT074 Max
1AT070 Simon
1SD227 Giancarlo
1SD106 Riccardo
1AT746 Alex
1AT424 Gian Luca
1LR168 Marino
1AT259 Vincenzo
1AT127 Luciano
1LR279 Peter
1AT217 Mic
1DX411 Alberto
1AT917 Patrik
1AT207 Alberto
1AT090 Ivan
1BIG142 Dan
1MRM Maria Rita
1AT519 Giuseppe
1AT501 Rino
1AT287 Stefano
9WR2000 Robin
1AT351 Marco
1AT1716 Maurizio
1AT702 Igor
1LR098 Christian
1OD105 Joe
1ICT001 Angelo
1HPX292 Dino
1SA462 Luca
1AT1931 Antonio
1ER058 Franco
" target=_blank >2WR714 Paul
2OP258 Mike
2AT788 Tom
2AT062 Pete
3ET116 Thiago
3FAT027 Luis Carlos
3SD111 Marcelo
3DA007 Ali
3SD308 André
3SD050 Bila
3ET055 Junior
3CE001 Queiroz
3SD200 Nilo
3AT045 Graziano
3SKD212 Eduardo
3RC011 Angel
4AT028 Ezequiel
4AT011 Dan
5AT101 Julio
5EK136 Andres
9LV9894 Mitchell
9AT064 Marty
9ET428 Mike
9AT270 Wade
10AD707 Mario
10SD156 Martin
10MU125 Cesar
10MEX001 Ricardo
10AT258 Hugo
10IR101 Martin
12RC116 Danilo
13PR184 Michael
13TH2160 Simon
13IR102 Lars
13DX056 Uli
13OT001 Mario
13OD002 Dario
13IR011 Jimmy
13AT130 Tomek
13FB006 Dieter
13AT031 Martin
14FDX058 John
14BG444 Patrick
14FDX083 Rene
14RC446 Carlos
14FDX015 Mickael
14HF001 Tomas
14RC116 Francois
14FAT026 Jean Marie
14SD204 Jean Claude
14AR2555 Sylvain
14SD401 Jean Pierre

Powered by Dxproof.com" target=_blank >14IR104 Christophe
14ET128 Laurent
14AT449 Greg
14VOG001 Xavier
14AT109 Patrick
14AT047 Yoann
14ET216 Guy
14DX010 Olivier
14RS692 Jeff
14HF057 Dom
14KP468 Frederic
14GT121 Bernard
14IR106 Fabrice
14FAT123 Pierrick
14AT263 Bruno
14ET095 Richard
14SD644 Thierry
14SD057 Greg
14SD137 Pascal
14AT484 Steven
14FDX187 Sebastien
14AT431 Pascal
14TW001 Manu
14LR001 Thierry
14RC169 Eric
14HF027 Phil
14NE197 Dominique
14RC514 Franco
14FDX555 Philippe
14SWL56 Stef
14RC121 Sylvain
14OPC101 Olivier
14CEC01 Dany
15SD011 Steve
15CH000 Mark
15IR106 Adrian
16TC01 Tony
16AT038 Rudi
18SD102 Jim
19RF568 Johan
19RF022 Danny
19OP284 Henk
19RF027 René
19ON124 Raymond
19SD188 Andy
19AT097 Fred
19AC156 Hans
19AT066 Steven
19AC155 Jack
19SD265 Rene
19RF005 theo
19RF039 Erwin
20EK020 Frank
21SM0786 Mario
21SD102 Morgan
21SD153 Colin
21DX116 Chris
24OD101 Jose Luis
26FB2609 Adrian
26ZE001 Steve
26CT1073 Cliff
26CT1996 Karl
26UK007 Cliff
26ENG075 Bob
26MU876 Paul
26DX047 Darran
26MU001 Andy
26AT077 Mike
26SA01 Chris
29AT118 Peter
30AT766 jose
30AT252 Pepe
30AT344 Jose
30AT190 Manuel
30RC121 Jose Manuel
30RC248 Andoni
30AT211 Iván
30RC527 Paco
30AT046 Oscar
30MDV114 Daniel
30ET121 Jose Manuel
30ART01 Manuel
30AT320 Alberto
30AT198 Moises
30AT105 Manuel
30DA101 Joan
30AT570 Antonio
30LO366 Rafa
30VDX01 Jose Antonio
30BZA01 Juan
31HMS Humberto
31PAT233 Antonio Reis
31TX025 Monteiro
31TX005 Alvaro
31PAT153 Monteiro
31LR001 Rui Sousa
31AB777 Jorge
31SD239 Rui M. M. Sousa
31SD122 Constantino
31CB300 Jorge
32SD116 Nelson
34AT024 Paco
34SD127 Jon
34SD036 Isidro
34AT016 Angel
35TM900 Ernest
35SD120 Frank
41SD001 Brett
44DY301 Duane

Powered by Dxproof.com" target=_blank >45BR140 Dusan
49RC121 Jose
49RC115 Antonio
49PAS051 Pedro
50KCB155 Andy
50SD001 Alex
50KCB002 Vadim
52SD234 Olavur
54AT105 Jack
54CW001 Jérôme
56LR007 Pasi
56SD555 Hannu
56AT116 Jarkko
58BC001 Alzan
61SD103 Ernesto
26AT211 Kevin
90EK101 Kostas
91SA570 Romy
91AT101 David
108TM711 Karl
108VOG002 Gary
108SD238 Gary
108AT101 Gary
108VOG003 Karl
153E201 Jimmy
153E200 Chai
161EX016 Mariusz
161AT215 Greg
161TRC104 Marcin
161DS114 Tommy
161SD002 Tom
161SC155 Paweł
161RC312 Kay
163X549 Lee
163SD124 Gareth
165SA831 Alessandro
196RC001 Harry
233BG001 Stephane
2TX104 Lonnie
307AT101 Alex
312ER005 Stan
317KCB102 Dima
327FS002 Luka
329ET117 Honza
329AT103 Tom
331EK331 Boris
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Top 10 publishers   Top 10 Score
1SR231 Giuseppe
153AT777 Jan
19RD068 Ron
1AT074 Max
1AT746 Alex
4AT134 Gabriel
30AT120 Sergio
1AT070 Simon
4AT242 Martin
9FB007 Scott
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  3DX013 Bruno
  1AT295 Max
  13OT001 Mario
  14AT119 Guy
  1EK156 Mauro
  14AT263 Bruno
  19AT256 Twan
  30DX401 Christian
  14AP001 Nicolas

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