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  8RC/SA052 Peru 
DX Proof - 09/03/2015 - Posted by 4AT242
over 300 photos and personal facebook page activation https://www.facebook.com/radioo.boletin

  143SD105 St. Lucia Island 
Direct QSL - 08/03/2015 - Posted by 9FB007

  346QH033 St. Barthelemy Is. 
Direct QSL - 07/03/2015 - Posted by 1SR231
Mr: Frederic from ST.Barhelemy Is. Tnx for direct card

  57TFC437 India 
Direct QSL - 22/02/2015 - Posted by 1SR231
Tnx Stuart for direct qsl card

  351AT46 South Sudan 
Direct QSL - 16/02/2015 - Posted by 1AT746
Very rare stamps, almost impossible to find.

  164AT340 Togo Republic 
Direct QSL - 02/02/2015 - Posted by 1SR231
Mr.Marc from Lome Tnx for nice direct card

  138AT101 Vatican City State 
Direct QSL - 31/01/2015 - Posted by 1AT074

  168/1SR231 Mauritius Islands 
Direct QSL - 28/01/2015 - Posted by 1AT074
Thanks Giuseppe for the direct card

  217DA/0 Christmas Island 
Direct QSL - 26/01/2015 - Posted by 30IR046
Direct Postcard, from 217DA/0. Many Thanks,Team!

  217DA/0 Christmas Island 
Direct QSL - 23/01/2015 - Posted by 47DX109
Direct postcard from Christmas Island for 47DX109

  83AT/AF032 Tanzania 
Direct QSL - 21/01/2015 - Posted by 13DX056
Direct Postcard from Zanzibar Island

  217DA/0 Christmas Island 
Direct QSL - 17/01/2015 - Posted by 15IR106
Direct Postcard from 217DA/0

  8/61AT102 Peru 
Direct QSL - 14/01/2015 - Posted by 1AT074
Thank you Ricardo for the direct postcard

  138AT/0 Vatican City State 
Direct QSL - 08/01/2015 - Posted by 1AT074

  217DA/0 Christmas Island 
Direct QSL - 07/01/2015 - Posted by 1SR231
Tnx Darran and Peter for nice postcard

  180RC/0 Oman 
Direct QSL - 05/01/2015 - Posted by 1SR231
Tnx Sal for direct postcard

  286IR/0 Juan Fernandez Islands 
Direct QSL - 05/01/2015 - Posted by 15IR106
Recieved Direct QSL from Felipe 32IR001 aka 286IR/0 from Juan Fernandez Island


Top 10 publishers   Top 10 Score
1SR231 Giuseppe
153AT777 Jan
19RD068 Ron
1AT074 Max
1AT746 Alex
4AT134 Gabriel
30AT120 Sergio
1AT070 Simon
4AT242 Martin
9FB007 Scott
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  19AT027 Frits
  13OT001 Mario
  14AT119 Guy
  3DX013 Bruno
  1AT295 Max
  1EK156 Mauro
  14AT263 Bruno
  19AT256 Twan

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