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  4TRC/SA055 Argentina 
DX Proof - 06/12/2000 - Posted by 4AT242
IOTA Dxpedicion in Agentina in the band of 11M In November, 2000 Together with Antonio ...

  252AT0 Revillagigedo Islands 
DX Proof - 06/03/2000 - Posted by 1AT076
By 10AT011 Enrique 10AT164 Arturo

  253IR0 Andaman & Nicobar Island 
DX Proof - 28/11/1999 - Posted by 19IR004
by 13IR49 Markus and 13IR101 Bert

  59IR/0 Dodecanese Islands 
DX Proof - 08/10/1999 - Posted by 19IR004
by 19IR012 and 19IR666 (RIP)

  88AT/NA086 Cuba 
DX Proof - 22/04/1999 - Posted by 1AT070
from Cayo Coco Is., IOTA NA-086 by 1AT70. Antenna: original Bamby by 1DX012 Francesco.

  100DR/0 South Korea 
DX Proof - 22/03/1999 - Posted by 4AT134
Nice surprise to recive via direct teh confirmation of my first qso with South Korea

  129LS100 Macquarie Islands 
DX Proof - 10/10/1998 - Posted by 1AT070
Translation from AT Eleven News 01-2000: "Thanks to Ian 108AT031 for delivering ...

  200AT0 South Shetland Islands 
DX Proof - 26/12/1997 - Posted by 1AT070
12AT180 Enrique was commander of Uruguayan Scientific Base ARTIGAS on King George Island ...

  138SA-DX Vatican City State 
DX Proof - 27/04/1996 - Posted by 153AT777
Mostly active in weekends by 1SA061 Floriano. More info at:

  333AT/0 Eritrea 
DX Proof - 27/06/1994 - Posted by 1AT070
333AT0 by 1AT880, then 1AT070. Here you can see the original fax message sent by the ...

  254AT/DX - 1993 Mount Athos 
DX Proof - 22/08/1993 - Posted by 1AT070
by 1AT880 (then 1AT70) Simon and 1AT466 Piervito.

  244/69TE Pagalu Island 
DX Proof - 05/04/1992 - Posted by 1SR231
mr:STAN transmitted for 3 days on the island of Annobon on the map to see the location ...

  192AT/0 Cocos Islands 
DX Proof - 10/01/1992 - Posted by 1AT070
by 1AT70. Antenna Bambi Original by 1DX012 Francesco.

  251AT/0 Albania 
DX Proof - 12/10/1991 - Posted by 1AT070
by 1AT880 (then 1AT70). DX-pedition was possible by help of Vasil, from Vlore, then 251AT102 ...

  295ZF1 Southern Sudan 
Deleted Country - 23/05/1990 - Posted by 1AT070
During 1989-1991, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) sent truck convoys ...


Top 10 publishers   Top 10 Score
1SR231 Giuseppe
153AT777 Jan
19RD068 Ron
1AT074 Max
1AT746 Alex
4AT134 Gabriel
30AT120 Sergio
1AT070 Simon
4AT242 Martin
9FB007 Scott
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  19AT027 Frits
  13OT001 Mario
  14AT119 Guy
  3DX013 Bruno
  1AT295 Max
  1EK156 Mauro
  14AT263 Bruno
  19AT256 Twan

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  295ZF1 Southern Sudan
Deleted Countries - 23/05/1990

  285AT/0 Fernando De Noronha Isla
DX Proof - 20/10/2019

  237AT-0 Union Of Myanmar
Direct QSL - 14/09/2000

  252AT0 Revillagigedo Islands
DX Proof - 06/03/2000

  238ATDX Cambodia
Direct QSL - 22/01/2001

  251/1AT217 Albania
Direct QSL - 02/08/2018

  251/1AT217 Albania
DX Proof - 01/08/2018

  352AT/0 Kosovo
Direct QSL - 26/05/2018

  352AT0 Kosovo
DX Proof - 26/05/2018

  337AT/0 Austral islands
Direct QSL - 23/09/2013

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