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Confirmed Most Wanted Countries
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 192  Cocos Islands

Fake? Alert:

192CI/0 Cocos Islands
- Fake?, 10/03/1999

Confirmed by:

  1AT010 Roberto   192AT/0
  1AT048 Massimo   192AT0
  1AT070 Simon   192AT/0
  1AT074 Max
  1AT107 Max
  1AT156 Mauro
  1AT200 William
  1AT292 Dino
  1AT295 Max
  1AT46 M
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  1AT575 Joseph
  1KPI009 Sal
  1SD104 Paride
  1SD113 Andrea
  1SD155 Gino
  1SD168 Marino
  ex1AT353 Marino
  2AT054 Joe
  2AT058 Brian   192AT/0
  2AT374 Jerry
  2AT447 Marty
  2AU101 Terry
  3AT012 Joao Carlos
  3AT021 Amarildo   192AT/0
  3AT045 Graziano
  3AT068 Jorge
  3AT101 Luiz Fernando
  3AT118 Marcelo
  3AT119 Ric
  3AT138 Celso
  3DX013 Bruno
  3KPI013 Fernando
  3RC010 Nilson
  3SD047 Wilker
  3SD050 Bila
  3SD505 Joao Carlos
  4SD032 Mark   192AT/0
  5AT077 Guillermo
  5AT146 Alfonso
  10AT171 Felix
  12AT060 Omar
  12AT060 Omar Bolla
  12AT092 Alex
  13AT039 Gianfranco
  13AT120 Mike
  13AT242 Oliver
  13DX056 Uli
  13DX101 Thomas
  13IR100 Stefan
  13IR102 Lars
  13IR285 Tommy
  13OT001 Mario
  13SD345 Danny
  14AP001 Nicolas
  14ASE062 Jean-Marc
  14AT043 David
  14AT047 Yoann
  14AT066 Brian
  14AT105 Patrice
  14AT146 François
  14AT211 Chris
  14AT263 Bruno
  14AT276 Chris
  14AT356 Herve
  14AT394 Eric
  14AT592 Marcel
  14BG001 Loïc
  14DA007 Chris
  14EM001 Eric
  14ET095 Richard
  14FDX2463 patrick
  14FGB001 Franck
  14HF011 Chris
  14HF062 Eric
  14HF817 Rod
  14IR104 Christophe
  14RC026 Sébastien
  14RS056 Hervé
  14SD053 Jack
  14SD620 Bernard
  14SD644 Thierry
  15AT101 Steve
  18SD105 Theo
  19AC155 Jack
  19AT256 Twan
  19LR001 Ger
  26AT108 Andy
  26SD012 Dave
  29AT038 Tim
  29AT118 Peter
  29RC010 Richie
  30AT103 Pablo
  30AT344 Jose
  30AT766 jose
  30DX401 Christian
  30IR102 Javi
  30MU199 Juanjo
  30RC117 Ignacio
  30RC248 Andoni
  30RC368 Agostinho
  30SD001 Sergio
  30SD001 Sergio
  30SD041 Manu
  30SD101 Juanjo
  30SD401 Jesus
  32AT012 Jorge
  32AT12 Jorge
  34AT035 Oscar
  34AT039 Jose
  34AT044 Juan
  34AT144 Juan
  43SD121 Frank
  43SD181 Dave
  47DX132 Carsten
  56AT125 Markus
  56SB001 Sami
  56SB002 Johanna
  61SD103 Ernesto
  109AT777 Simon
  161AT245 Arek
  163SD001 Richard
  163SD023 Terry
  205at048 Paolo
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Top 10 publishers   Top 10 Score
1SR231 Giuseppe
153AT777 Jan
19RD068 Ron
1AT074 Max
1AT746 Alex
4AT134 Gabriel
30AT120 Sergio
1AT070 Simon
4AT242 Martin
9FB007 Scott
  1AT156 Mauro
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  1AT295 Max
  14AT119 Guy
  19AT256 Twan
  30DX401 Christian
  14AP001 Nicolas
  3AT101 Luiz Fernando
  14AT263 Bruno
  161EX015 Jurek

Most popular

  295ZF1 Southern Sudan
Deleted Countries - 23/05/1990

  285AT/0 Fernando De Noronha Isla
DX Proof - 20/10/2019

  237AT-0 Union Of Myanmar
Direct QSL - 14/09/2000

  252AT0 Revillagigedo Islands
DX Proof - 06/03/2000

  238ATDX Cambodia
Direct QSL - 22/01/2001

  251/1AT217 Albania
Direct QSL - 02/08/2018

  251/1AT217 Albania
DX Proof - 01/08/2018

  352AT/0 Kosovo
Direct QSL - 26/05/2018

  352AT0 Kosovo
DX Proof - 26/05/2018

  337AT/0 Austral islands
Direct QSL - 23/09/2013


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