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Confirmed Most Wanted Countries
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 235  I.t.u. Geneva

Confirmed by:

  1AT009 Dario
  1AT048 Massimo
  1AT057 Daniele
  1AT070 Simon   299SR/0
  1AT127 Luciano
  1AT156 Mauro
  1AT1888 Andy
  1AT1931 Antonio
  1AT200 William
  1AT217 Mike
  1AT227 Livio
  1AT259 Vincenzo
  1AT292 Dino
  1AT295 Max
  1AT341 Carmelo
  1AT46 M
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  1AT746 Alex
  1AT817 Renato
  1AT824 Riko
  1ET455 Carmelo
  1FAT101 Sergio
  1IR747 Villy
  1KPI007 Salvatore
  1KPI009 Sal
  1LR004 Lido
  1LR059 Rosario
  1SD007 Daniele
  1SD019 Alex
  1SD143 Dom
  1SD155 Gino
  1SD168 Marino
  1SR231 Giuseppe   299SR/0
  ex1AT353 Marino
  3AT119 Ric
  3AT177 Cleucio
  3DA007 Alison
  3DX013 Bruno
  3FA155 Denis Hobus
  3SD050 Bila
  4SD151 Diego
  10AT171 Felix
  10SD156 Martin
  12AT060 Omar
  12AT060 Omar Bolla
  13AT039 Gianfranco
  13AT052 Manny
  13AT242 Oliver
  13BRC083 Dieter
  13DS001 Dieter
  13DX056 Uli
  13DX101 Thomas
  13EK010 Ralf
  13IR100 Stefan
  13IR102 Lars
  13LD001 Marc
  13OD002 Dario
  13OT001 Mario
  13SD016 Michael
  13SD141 Max
  13SD345 Danny
  14AP001 Nicolas
  14ASE062 Jean-Marc
  14AT038 Bruno
  14AT039 Jerome
  14AT047 Yoann
  14AT054 Jacky
  14AT071 Ghyslaine
  14AT072 norbert
  14AT119 Guy
  14AT211 Chris
  14AT263 Bruno
  14AT276 Chris
  14AT302 Fabrice
  14AT334 Mario
  14AT510 Jerome
  14AT54 Jacky
  14AT675 Laurent
  14AT832 Christian
  14DA011 Chris
  14DA051 Chris
  14DX049 Christophe
  14DX076 David
  14DX461 Ludo
  14EM001 Eric
  14ET073 Thierry
  14FAT123 Pierrick
  14FDX187 Sebastien
  14FDX2463 patrick
  14FGB001 Franck
  14FR010 Seb
  14GT061 Jean Claude
  14HF002 Bruno
  14HF011 Chris
  14HF207 Jean-Pierre
  14HF817 Rod
  14IR001 Didier
  14IR106 Fabrice
  14RC071 Jean Pierre
  14RC421 Thierry
  14RI107 Yannick
  14SD057 Greg
  14SD644 Thierry
  14SD770 Bruno
  14VC064 Romain
  18SD102 Jim
  18SD105 Theo
  19AT027 Frits
  19AT066 Steven
  19AT120 Ferry
  19AT256 Twan
  19DX077 Rob
  19IR004 Rob
  19RF080 William
  19SD265 Rene
  20AT026 Roy
  26AT026 Andy
  26AT102 Keith
  26AT108 Andy
  26AT127 Paddy
  26AT757 Dave
  26SD033 Danny
  30AT036 Fernando
  30AT092 Juan
  30AT103 Pablo
  30AT766 jose
  30DX401 Christian
  30IR046 David
  30IR102 Javi
  30RC034 Luis
  30RC036 Lorenzo
  30RC117 Ignacio
  30RC368 Agostinho
  31AT017 Tony
  31AT114 Miguel
  31AT183 Nuno Reis
  31LR001 Rui Sousa
  31SD122 Constantino
  34AT023 Melo
  34AT024 Paco
  34AT030 Moises
  34AT039 Jose
  34AT198 Jose Carlos
  35SR159 Chris
  47AT124 Palle
  47DX054 Leif
  47DX132 Carsten
  47SD666 Walther
  50SD001 Alex
  56AT125 Markus
  56SB001 Sami
  56SB002 Johanna
  93AT011 Norb
  109AT777 Simon
  161AT245 Arek
  161EX015 Jurek
  161EX016 Mariusz
  161OD002 Peter
  161RC029 Josef
  161SD051 Luk
  161SD102 Darek
  163AT136 Steve   235IR/0
  163SD001 Richard
  165AT017 Mario   235AT/DX
  178AT111 Andy
  205at048 Paolo
  233AR2923 Serge
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Top 10 publishers   Top 10 Score
1SR231 Giuseppe
153AT777 Jan
19RD068 Ron
1AT074 Max
1AT746 Alex
4AT134 Gabriel
30AT120 Sergio
1AT070 Simon
4AT242 Martin
9FB007 Scott
  1AT156 Mauro
  1AT519 Giuseppe
  1AT295 Max
  14AT119 Guy
  19AT256 Twan
  30DX401 Christian
  14AP001 Nicolas
  3AT101 Luiz Fernando
  14AT263 Bruno
  161EX015 Jurek

Most popular

  295ZF1 Southern Sudan
Deleted Countries - 23/05/1990

  285AT/0 Fernando De Noronha Isla
DX Proof - 20/10/2019

  237AT-0 Union Of Myanmar
Direct QSL - 14/09/2000

  252AT0 Revillagigedo Islands
DX Proof - 06/03/2000

  238ATDX Cambodia
Direct QSL - 22/01/2001

  251/1AT217 Albania
Direct QSL - 02/08/2018

  251/1AT217 Albania
DX Proof - 01/08/2018

  352AT/0 Kosovo
Direct QSL - 26/05/2018

  352AT0 Kosovo
DX Proof - 26/05/2018

  337AT/0 Austral islands
Direct QSL - 23/09/2013


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